" I believe that hard work and dedication are the only means to realizing your dreams. I am humbled every time I find myself fortunate enough to be on a team with like-minded individuals working towards a common goal."

" I believe that hard work and dedication are the only means to realizing your dreams. I am humbled every time I find myself fortunate enough to be on a team with like-minded individuals working towards a common goal."

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Enrique Novello, Entertainer.

Enrique was born in New York City and raised in Brentwood, NY. Enrique's relationship with film-making began when his father first brought home a VHS camcorder. Soon enough every life event warranted documenting and most of his reports for school were video based.

He attended high school at St John the Baptist in West Islip, NY and afterwords attended York College of Pennsylvania where he pursued pre-medical studies with a minor in creative writing. Deciding that life in a hospital would be too constricting, he returned to New York and attended the State University at Stony Brook where he majored in Information Systems but ultimately switched to Economics with a focus on Finance and a minor in Theatre.

After obtaining an internship with a major investment firm, Enrique began a short lived career in the financial sector. As interesting as the business of wealth management was, he found it unfulfilling. Later, he would take a job as a youth counselor for at-risk teens in Long Island, NY as well as in Joliet, IL. Mentoring young men and women on the tenets of teamwork, responsibility and salesmanship was challenging work. As fulfilling as his work was, it still was not enough and after a few years Enrique moved on to perform several managerial roles in several unrelated industries.

Throughout all of these learning experiences one unifying theme remained: a need to perform! An all-consuming need to express himself through words and action for the entertainment of others. Enrique would often find himself at open mics reciting spoken word or performing monologues from his favorite films and plays. He would pop in at improv shows whenever he would chance by one. A handi-cam almost always accompanied him on his journey. Fortunately, most people are happy to record you if you ask nicely.

"It is always important to take advantage of opportunities to capture the beauty of life as it unfolds before you."

After dozens of jobs and countless adventures, Enrique decided that there was only one responsible course of action to take: move back to New York City and study the craft of acting. In 2005, he began the most amazing journey of his life to date. While working random jobs and taking tons of background work for film and television, Enrique began the process of meeting and studying under several very talented and seasoned acting coaches. The craft! With a focus on stage acting, Enrique dived into the disciplines of Meisner and Stanislovski. The thrill of being on stage was sublime.

"Stage is like being in Thunderdome, it's the real deal."

Over the years Enrique has been privileged to work under several amazing directors on film and television. He has also enjoyed the peculiar experiences of standing face to face with some of his heroes of the acting world (only rarely did he break character to tell them how much he appreciates their work).

A life long health enthusiast, Enrique has built a strong working knowledge of the body and has been able to supplement his acting career as an athletic conditioning coach. He is a nationally certified personal trainer and a competitive power lifter. Training out of Manhattan's upper east side he has been fortunate enough to work with former Olympians, world class athletes, dancers and the everyday New Yorker who cares for his/her health and isn't afraid to work hard to maintain it.

Enrique has also worked behind the camera directing music videos, short and feature length films. Challenging work and fulfilling- a fantastic combination!

"Acting, like life, is a series of adventures fueled by hard work which feed into continuous self-discovery. To grow as an artist is to grow as a person and vice versa. To share this journey with others is truly rewarding."