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The Origami Gate Supporting Film Festival Selection
7 Days Lead Project Greenlight Submission
A Picture And A Gun Lead Indie Short
Damned If You Do Supporting Indie Feature
Helping Hooves Supporting Indie Short
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The Family Priest (Co-Star) dir Andrew McCarthy, ABC
Long Island Lights EMT (Guest Star) Pilot
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Little Lambs In A Mirror Malcolm 24 Hour Play Festival Winner
The Screens Damien World Premiere, Gloria Maddox Theatre
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"Lucille" by Drop Electric Principle dir Chris Beer
"Out of My Mind" by the Bingo Players Principle
"Gold Chain" by Black Light Dinner Party Principle dir Zack Richard
"Teddy Boys" by Kelly Willis Principle Wellsweep Films
"In My Cards" by Roy G and the BIV Principle dir Robert Weiss


Meisner Technique// Robert Verlaque, Terry Schreiber, Ward Nixon

Stanislavski Technique// Robert Verlaque, Terry Schreiber, Ward Nixon

Master Scene Study Technique// Terry Schreiber

Script Analysis// Terry Schreiber

On Camera Technique// James Hallet, Matt Newton, Valorie Hubbard

Meisner Intensive// Terry Schreiber, Robert Verlaque

Commercial Technique// Angela Mickey

Improvisation// Ward Nixon

Monologue Technique// Terry Schreiber, Ward Nixon

Voice Acting// Jeff Dreisbach

Character Voice Acting// Dave Wills

Audition Technique// Marci Phillips, Julie Tucker, Ross Meyerson, Jenny Ravitz, Clint Alexander, Eve Battaglia, Rob Decina, Maria Hubbard, Elizabeth Berra


Horseback Riding//Western Style

Instruments//Classical Piano

Firearms Training//Handguns, Rifles

Sports//Basketball, Baseball, Boxing, Billiards

Certified Professional Athletic Conditioning Coach