TIME is not measured by clocks, but by Moments


How you spend your time says a lot about you. The fact of you reading this post speaks to your awesomeness :)

Shameless complimenting aside, I've been thinking a lot about time. How it's viewed, what it's worth (on earth, at least) who to spend it with. I have to admit that I'm guilty of being one of those people who is always superbusy and wears it as a badge of honor. "No time to sleep, a few minutes to eat here and there, man I really need to call my parents more... but I'm getting sht done!" Constantly jumping from one meeting to the next, and rehearsal and oh, I got an audition at NBC tomorrow and, of course, lets pay the bills. The Law of Diminishing Returns is all too real and unforgiving. You reach a point where the 'play' has become 'work'. I think that's death to a creative. This last year I took the time to consistently work at doing two things:

Ask myself, "Am I being busy or am I being productive?" The 80/20 Rule states that 20% of your actions produce 80% of your outcomes. This can be applied to nearly anything, jobs, clients, investments. When presented with an opportunity I ask myself, "Does this opportunity fall into the highly productive 20% of my time spent or the slightly productive 80%?" This practice has been invaluable when deciding risk vs reward scenarios. 

Make time to play. I remember drama school very vividly. We were encouraged to play. We learned lessons about ourselves by learning to focus on others, in play. We shared deeply personal, emotionally saturated moments with each other and harnessed the power of technique to become better at play. Drama school was awesome. Working on set is ridiculously awesome. Being on stage is sublime. Auditioning is cool(ish). Usually its really cool, but as we all know, it's a numbers game. And sometimes when you're on your 7th audition of the week and you walk into the room at an office that you've been working on getting into for months and you're off-book and you set up with your reader and then you... forget how to play! Or more accurately, you forget that YOU ARE THERE TO PLAY. Business is business and my business is to play. So I set aside time every afternoon for an hour of play. Whether its writing whatever comes to my head, rehearsing a scene from Justified just because I think its Cool AF, or just breathing and stretching; I go back to drama school. Every time I walk in the room, its playtime, no matter the stakes.

Its amazing what a shift in perspective can produce.

Thanks for reading :)

The Family

I had the most amazing day shooting


Andrew McCarthy was great to work for. He's a generous director and runs a tight set. And I was honored to work with Alison Pill since I LOVE her work. She's super chill.

When you watch the series (and you most likely will because it looks awesome) I'll meet you in Episode 6.

And thanks to Abbie and Conrad at Telsey & Co for calling me in for this series twice! I read for quite a few roles before finding the right fit.

The Family IMDb


The Origami Gate

Hey Y'all!

Last week the team at Death Of A Good Man wrapped production of The Origami Gate. This is a short film about how The Bonds Of Love Transcend the Silence of Dementia.

It was directed by Jeffrey Kraynak in memory of his grandmother whom his family had the misfortune of watching slip into dementia. It's a beautiful piece meant to lend a bit of positivity to the family members of dementia sufferers.

I am proud to be a part of this production as an actor as well as a producer. Our cast was spectacular as was our crew. I look forward to sharing more news about it with you soon!!

Long Island Lights

In early February I was fortunate enough to work with the excellent team at Scordio Productions on the filming of their pilot episode for Long Island Lights. The entire cast and crew were top notch and I am looking forward to seeing the final product! Now, you don't have to be from Long Island to appreciate the material but as a Suffolk County (Brentwood!) native I find it HILARIOUS!! I'm sure you will, too :)

Check out their work on Vimeo:


Autumn Is Upon Us

Hey Y'all,

With the change of season come waves of positive activity.

In September I had the pleasure of performing in a Promotional Video for Edge Gyms of New York. Edge is an 'Iron Gym' in the truest sense with a uniquely beautiful aesthetic. Shoot by Scordio Productions, this project was an absolute pleasure to film. Can't wait for its release!

Recently, I booked a role in Rising Sun Performance Company's 24 Hour Play Festival. We will have 24 hours to put together 6 new plays for you. This Will Be Awesome.

I'm off to see my friends in Brian Friel's "Philadelphia Here I Come" at TSchreiber. More news to come soon!


End of August?

So I leave for TX in a few days for family, golf and birthday festivities. After today's 'confessional' shoot, I believe I'm closing the book for the month of August. It has been a fantastic month!

I recently booked the role of Detective Chavez in the psychological thriller, "Project Meridiem". This feature film will shoot in 3 states over the next few months. After having sat with the main body of the cast for a few hours I am totally psyched to get to work on this!

Last night I performed my final presentation of the summer for Terry Schreiber. Omar Bustamente was a great scene partner and we had some very real moments on stage together. I have been working on Stephen Adly Guirgis', "The Motherfucker With The Hat" for the bulk of the summer and have grown to appreciate 'Jackie' for the visceral and complicated character he is. As much as I appreciate the coming downtime, I'm looking forward to getting to work on the next challenge.


Thanks for the support, y'all. See you in September :)



A Picture And A Gun

Last night I shot "A Picture And A Gun" in Cranford, NJ. It was a long day as the crew shot 6 pages of script with about 36 set-ups. One thing about indie filmmaking: Creative Problem Solving Is King. The guys at NewKin Films were not messing around and I was glad to be a part of their vision. This was my first time being captured on a BlackMagic camera and I was impressed. I had read that it performs very well at night and it's true. Can't wait to see what comes out of post!

Wrapped: 7 Days

So, last night I wrapped production on "7 Days". This is a short film which is being submitted to Project Greenlight. Project Greenlight is a television series focusing on first-time filmmakers being given the chance to direct a feature film. Good luck, Frank Blenman, it was a fun shoot with a very diverse cast and professional crew. Can't wait to see it!

Is it August Already?

Wow, I should probably pay more attention to my blog!

It has been a busy year so far. I'm very pleased to have made several new and very positive connections. This city never seems to run out of inspiring people.

In February, I auditioned for Terry Schreiber's Master Scene Study Class at TSchreiber Studio. He didn't hate me so I've been working with him every week. I feel fortunate for having met Terry; aside from his many decades of experience and expertise to learn from, Terry has a way of crafting a safe environment for actors and I've noticed considerable growth in myself as an artist and as a person.

In March, I booked a role in Nylon Fusion's Short Plays Festival presented in April in NYC. Ten 10 minute plays with 'identity' as a central theme. I worked on the debut of Erik Champney's "The Screens". Directed by Ivette Dumeng, I enjoyed diving into this excellent psychological piece. The show is currently playing at several locations across the country, I highly suggest you see it when it's in town.

I have remained deep in training, writing when the mood strikes me and even took time to return to the Power Lifting platform. In June, I competed in the 100%RAW Federation's American Challenge. Performing the bench press, I placed third on the national level in my weight class and first in my age group. Shortly afterwards, in July, I booked a role in a short film and just yesterday I attended the USA Power Lifting Federation's NJ State Championships. I am currently the NJ State bench press champion in my weight class (2 years running).

Next weekend, I'm shooting a short film entitled, "A Picture And A Gun." This is a really fun piece in which I'm very much looking forward to performing. Otherwise, I am auditioning and studying, studying and auditioning. I'll check in again soon. Thanks for the support!!