Is it August Already?

Wow, I should probably pay more attention to my blog!

It has been a busy year so far. I'm very pleased to have made several new and very positive connections. This city never seems to run out of inspiring people.

In February, I auditioned for Terry Schreiber's Master Scene Study Class at TSchreiber Studio. He didn't hate me so I've been working with him every week. I feel fortunate for having met Terry; aside from his many decades of experience and expertise to learn from, Terry has a way of crafting a safe environment for actors and I've noticed considerable growth in myself as an artist and as a person.

In March, I booked a role in Nylon Fusion's Short Plays Festival presented in April in NYC. Ten 10 minute plays with 'identity' as a central theme. I worked on the debut of Erik Champney's "The Screens". Directed by Ivette Dumeng, I enjoyed diving into this excellent psychological piece. The show is currently playing at several locations across the country, I highly suggest you see it when it's in town.

I have remained deep in training, writing when the mood strikes me and even took time to return to the Power Lifting platform. In June, I competed in the 100%RAW Federation's American Challenge. Performing the bench press, I placed third on the national level in my weight class and first in my age group. Shortly afterwards, in July, I booked a role in a short film and just yesterday I attended the USA Power Lifting Federation's NJ State Championships. I am currently the NJ State bench press champion in my weight class (2 years running).

Next weekend, I'm shooting a short film entitled, "A Picture And A Gun." This is a really fun piece in which I'm very much looking forward to performing. Otherwise, I am auditioning and studying, studying and auditioning. I'll check in again soon. Thanks for the support!!